Rey Mysterio is a wrestling icon. Despite seemingly leaving WWE for good a few years back, the luchador remained on good terms with his former employer. Now he is back and is scheduled to face Shinsuke Nakamura at SmackDown 1000 next week.
As we previously reported, Dave Meltzer claimed Mysterio’s future was uncertain in regards to what brand he would work for. While the plan went as far as the SmackDown match, he and others couldn’t be sure as to where Mysterio would go.
In fact, up until now, WWE had not publicly confirmed Mysterio had signed the two-year contract that we reported on a while back. In an announcement by WWE, the luchador is not only confirmed to be back with WWE full-time, but the brand he will seemingly work for now appears obvious.
In the announcement, WWE promoted Mysterio’s bout against the United States Champion next week and announced six different dates Mysterio will be working for upcoming live events around the world from October 20 through to November 5.
This is where WWE seemingly confirm that Mysterio will work for SmackDown Live exclusively, beyond the Nakamura match. Two shows in Hartford and Boston are co-branded, but the other four dates are exclusively SmackDown Live events, seemingly confirming where the iconic star is headed.
Which Superstars on SmackDown Live do you want to see Mysterio take on the most? Would you have rathered he went to RAW? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

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