Paige’s career was cut too short far and she is not allowed to wrestle anymore after wrestling for her entire life. But as she retells the story of her final injury, she is able to explain her sad situation.
Of course, Paige wasn’t happy about it as she spoke to Lilian Garcia on Chasing Glory, but the first-ever NXT Women’s Champion explained it wasn’t Sasha Bank’s fault because as her doctor explained to her it was only a matter of time before her career was prematurely finished.

“I hurt my neck but I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone straight away because they were like, ‘We’ll just see, we need to see what we’re going to do creatively and we want to make sure that you’re okay, you get some rest.’ They just wanted to take care of me and they wanted to keep it quiet which was on my request too. I just didn’t want it to be out there.”
“So I took the kick, it wasn’t Sasha’s fault. My neck just wasn’t as strong as it was before. So I end up getting complete paralysis over my body, right? Temporary paralysis. I’m laying in the ring and I feel it, I knew it. I was like, ‘This is it, I can’t wrestle anymore.’ I felt it. I already knew.”
Paige said she couldn’t feel anything at all as she laid in the ring after taking that bad bump during a house show in a 6-woman tag match. She just knew that she couldn’t wrestle and she started crying.
“The trainers were there and Jamie Nobel was there and I looked over at Jamie and was just like, ‘This is it. I’m done.'”

They brought out a stretcher, but she begged for them not to take her to the back that way. So Paige muscled through it because she wanted to go out walking. After 5 minutes in the ring, she started to get her feeling back and walked out of the ring while her opponents and partners stayed in the ring crying.
Sadly, Paige received word that her career was indeed done and told that her spinal cord had the same damage as a severe car crash and she had no fluid in her spine where she could have been paralyzed for life. She was given a choice to retire or go under the knife for another neck surgery but either way she would be retired.
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