Drew McIntyre is one half of the current RAW Tag Team Champions alongside Dolph Ziggler. McIntyre is an industry veteran and has a lot of experience with wrestling. During a recent interview with Simon Takla, McIntyre explained whether teams such as he and Ziggler should have tag team names.
McIntyre opened the interview, which took place on the day of Super Show-Down, reminiscing about his travels to Australia for wrestling and to spend time with his wife.

“Oh, a lot of history here! I love Melbourne. I don’t love the flight here, it was a bit of a long flight, but it is worth it when you get here. I’ve been here about five or six different times. I was a former OCW Champion, which I renamed the Australian title. My wife and I spent one week here last time we were here and we got to get around the Great Ocean Road, is it? Well, down there, and we saw the crazy jacked red kangaroos, we saw the old waterfalls, we got in the crazy tall building that has the glass thing that comes down the side. Yeah, I layed in the middle of it and everyone stuck to the sides and I started rocking and terrified everybody. I’ve spent a lot of time here. I love it. I know how crazy, knowledgeable and passionate the fans are here.”

When asked how he got the name of ‘Scottish Psychopath,’ McIntyre had a hilarious response for Takla.

“I’m a legitimate psychopath. My drive and my ambition is what makes me a psychopath. Dean Ambrose needs to be committed, that’s why he is a lunatic. My drive makes me psychotic.”

Takla has interviewed many Australian talents from locker rooms across the country. One common theme amongst promoters and wrestlers alike is that McIntyre was always perceived to be a locker room leader and a kind soul any time he worked in these promotions. When asked to comment on what he thinks of that response, McIntyre was humbled and explained why he acts the way he does.

“Absolutely. That’s really cool to hear, so thank you for telling me that. I treat everyone how I would like to be treated, and I try to treat this industry and this job with the respect it deserves. Just so you know, what I say on TV and what I say in my interviews, my character isn’t exactly a character. I’m talking about complacency and appreciate the opportunities you have and treat your job and yourself with respect because I’m a firm believer in that I’ll be nice to everybody, but if you disrespect the job, then I don’t believe you belong in the business.”

One of the quirks to WWE 2K19 is the AJ Styles “Million Dollar Challenge.” McIntyre is asked what his version of that challenge would be.


“They have to out-chop me in a wrestling ring, ’cause that’s not going to happen.”

Finally, McIntyre reveals his opinion on the idea that tag teams should have a tag team name, despite where they come from in the wrestling world.

“You know, I think it depends on the situation. I think with Dolph and I, this particular situation- and Braun also, we’re more individuals that have come together for a common goal. You know, someone like The Shield who are together are looking out for their own agenda and looking out for each other and not giving a damn about anybody else. So we are actually there for the boys and girls on the roster. We’re trying to better the product. We’re trying to set an example for everyone, and somehow we’re the bad guys. That’s 2018 for you!”

Do you agree with the philosophy McIntyre has? Would you participate in the proverbial “Million Dollar Challenge” McIntyre lists? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.
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