WWE has a big 5-year plan stacked up with huge television contracts so they need top guys to fill those spots.
Mike Johnson was asked during PW Insider Elite audio about the contract status of Dolph Ziggler, Brock Lesnar, and Daniel Bryan and how long they have signed on for with WWE.

“They’ve been trying to sign everybody to new 5 year deals. I cannot confirm that any of those 3 men have signed such a deal.”
“I actually wouldn’t be shocked if it turns out Brock Lesnar actually signed a new deal back at WrestleMania time that is still enforced and it hadn’t expired. Ziggler obviously signed some time and Daniel Bryan signed sometime in the last month or weeks. I do not have the length of those contracts.”

It looks like although we don’t know exactly how long Dolph, Brock, or Bryan will be sticking around WWE we shouldn’t be expecting to see them leave WWE television too soon. If anything, Lesnar will at least be hyped through the WWE Crown Jewel event and it might not be too surprising if he’s already locked into a deal for even longer, but only time will tell.
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H Jenkins

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