As seen on Ticketek, the remaining ticket prices for this weekend’s WWE Super Show-Down event have been revealed.
When the show at Melbourne Cricket Ground was first announced, WWE seemed hellbent on putting on a show worthy of selling 100,000 tickets. While the allure of Triple H vs The Undertaker for the final time is certainly interesting, the rest of the card tends to feel more like a house show than anything else. If there’s a title change or two then that’ll change things, but there’s no guarantee of that.
There have been reports recently that the tickets haven’t been selling particularly well, and we seem to have discovered the reason why. From Category 1, which would be in the front row, down to Category 4, the prices are as follows: $1016, $686, $324 and $216. In order to get down into double figures instead of triple, you’d have to reach Category 7.

We completely understand WWE’s need to make money on this, but wouldn’t they rather drop the prices and increase their chances of having a full house? The visual of seeing so many empty seats is going to be incredibly distracting, and it makes you wonder what the backlash would be if that happened at WrestleMania.
We understand that this isn’t as much of a priority, but given the money they’re receiving from the Saudi Arabia deal, it’s a bit odd that they still want to sell tickets for such a high price.
Perhaps it isn’t WWE deciding on the prices, but either way, this is something worth keeping an eye on as Saturday approaches.

Harry Kettle

Sports writer covering pro wrestling, MMA & football. Forever dreaming of a world where Jeff Hardy wins the strap one more time.

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