Former WWE Superstar Leaves Amazing Surprise For Lucky Fan

James Ellsworth loved his time in WWE and apparently even though he’s no longer with the company, the royalties should keep coming for him because he still has a couple action figures in stores. In fact, his double pack with Carmella (with blonde hair) recently started showing up on some shelves.

Ellsworth loved his time in WWE, but he loves his fans even more. After all, they might be a big part of the reason why he was able to come back for his last run.

He recently popped into a Wal-Mart and found one of his figures on the shelf. In a pretty cool move, Ellsworth took off a sharpie marker and autographed the merchandise. Let’s just hope some do-gooder employee doesn’t mark it as damaged and toss it away.

So if you hurry, you’ll be able to snag a signed Ellsworth figure on the retail shelves at retail price which isn’t a bad deal at all.