Former WWE Superstar Possibly Involved in Hardy Family Show

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As we previously reported, WWE is producing a Halloween special for the Hardy family. Depending on the success of the show, the company is considering turning it into an entire series. For now, it appears the company and the Hardy family are both going all out for this project, which is considered to be a pilot.

Filming on the project has already started. Through social media (namely Instagram), both Matt Hardy and his wife Reby Sky have showcased several shots and hinted at the inclusion of two stars specifically for the project. Hardy himself seemingly confirmed that Hurricane Helms and Nick Searcy will both be involved in the project.

To begin with, Hardy took a photo alongside Brother Nero with Searcy- who is an award-winning actor from both movie and television. They seem to tease his inclusion in the event, without directly confirming it.

In this fine September eve, The Hardy Compound welcomed The Peabody Award winning International Film & Television Star, Nick Searcy.

What a WONDERFUL surprise!

In addition, Hardy seemingly confirmed the inclusion of Helms in the series. He took a picture with his real-life friend and claimed they have been creating magic for years.

We’ve been creating MAGIC together for OVAH 23 years.

In addition to this, Sky took to her own Instagram account to share some interesting shots showing the filming process. One of these shots in particular seemingly confirms Searcy will be playing a role in the special.

WWE has not issued a release date for the special, but it is likely to come no later than Halloween next month unless the company wants to wait an entire year to release the special.

Does the Halloween special interest you? Do you have any requests for the special? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

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