Paige Unleashes On Opinion That Total Divas Stars Shouldn’t Be Allowed On TV

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Everyone has an opinion, but so does Paige and she’s not shy in the slightest about letting people know what she’s thinking. One online opinion article on the WWE Women’s Revolution obviously didn’t sit well with the SmackDown GM and she had a lot to say about it.

Paige didn’t take this lightly as she fired back on Twitter saying: “But it happens with everyone. Crappy article. Not just for them but for the “divas” you described that shouldn’t be apart of it, is an unfair statement. Without the divas, there wouldn’t be superstars. Thanks to all the ladies that paved the way before us.”

The article was trying to say that the reality television aspect of the women’s division is a waste as is booking Evolution matches for Lita and Trish Stratus as WWE did.

It also went on to say that the reality television stars on the WWE roster should stay off of television. Of course, Paige being a star of Total Divas and SmackDown GM didn’t appreciate this too much at all.

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