WWE chief brand officer Stephanie McMahon showed her lighter side on social media earlier today, joking around in regards to a potential heel turn for the one and only John Cena.
Turning Big Match John heel is a decision that many fans have been waiting to see play out on WWE television for years now, but it’s never quite come to fruition. Now that he’s moved into more of a part time role some fans have given up hope, whereas others feel like it’s the perfect opportunity to make it happen.
Either way, Stephanie clearly decided to look on the positive side of things when hinting at it in the following tweet.

McMahon, alongside Triple H, played a prominent role a few years ago in trying to get Cena to join The Authority – but to no avail. It feels like we’ve seen numerous opportunities come and go for John to make the leap of faith, with the man himself even stating that he’d be open to the idea during an interview with Chris Jericho.
As members of the WWE Universe, we’re conditioned to plead for what we want, with Stephanie herself claiming that the company listen to the fans more often than not.
If that truly is the case, then perhaps over the course of the next few years we’ll end up seeing something that many have long since felt was necessary for his character – John Cena turning heel and going on a run similar to that of Hulk Hogan in WCW.

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