Title Match Moved To Hell In A Cell Kick-Off Show

Hell In A Cell is this Sunday and only time will tell who’s blood will spill or who will walk away as champions. But one thing is for sure is that we will have at least one championship question answered during the kickoff show.

WWE’s official website is now listing the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match as a kickoff show match. Only time will tell if Rusev Day’s journey to Hell In A Cell will result in a title change, but the fact that their match is taking place during the kickoff show might give us a clue of its priority.

Of course, New Day has been in this situation before and excelled to bring in viewers to the pay-per-view and hype the overall interest.

So it’s a good spot for a high-energy match that will likely get the crowd going. But it might be a bit of a disappointment for those who wanted to see this match go down on the main card.

Written by H Jenkins

I love pro wrestling and hate BS. These two things drive me.

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