If you’re missing 205 Live, then you’re not watching some of the best workers WWE has to offer on the main roster. But one storyline for Mustafa Ali looks to be done away with before it even got off the ground really.
Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio how an injury angle with Ali looks to be left on the cutting room floor because he was told he wasn’t cleared one week and then suddenly he’s mixing it up again without any problem.

“The Mustafa Ali story, so the whole story with him was that he hadn’t be cleared and that he wasn’t going to be allowed to wrestle until he gets cleared so… a week or 2 ago he hit the ring and was told, ‘you can’t hit the ring until you’re cleared.’ And now he’s just cleared, it’s like where did that storyline go? I mean what was the point of that story? Now he’s cleared.”
“I thought there would be some sort of an angle with him about being cleared early or him wanting to go in there and not being cleared and you know some sort of thing like that. No, now he’s cleared and there he was and he won a match and he looked good. It was a squash using his cool moves.”

Only time will tell if a nagging injury might come back in the storyline, but it looks like some sort of return from injury story might have been scrapped on 205 Live. After all, it might be a little strange playing off of a situation that is a sad reality to so many people who want to wrestle but can’t like Tyson Kidd and Paige.
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H Jenkins

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