The Dream is preparing to return home to Joppa, Maryland this weekend to work a match at EVOLVE 112 against Austin Theory, which will mark the first of a two day stint of him working for the Philadelphia based promotion. Now, WWN Live has released Velveteen’s first promo on Theory, and boy is it a good one.

Austin…Austin…Austin Austin Austin. The Dream has a theory…do you want to hear it? Austin Theory is entitled. It all makes sense. I mean Austin Theory is 21 years of age. Austin Theory has already had his first WWE tryout, and it comes as no surprise to the Velveteen Dream that Austin Theory holds the keys to the gym, but you know the kind of key that Austin Theory doesn’t hold…(holds up keycard)…this key. Austin Theory this is the key to the WWE performance center, but you wouldn’t be needing that anyway. Because the Dream wants our first time to be in a special place. The Dream wants to take Austin Theory home, and introduce him to the Dream’s family. I mean after all they’ve never met the winner of the national physique committee’s Mr. Teen Georgia. Now that is something to sleep on. But don’t sleep for too long Austin Theory because the next thing you know…(finger snaps)…dream over.
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Check out the video below:

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