Ryback opens today’s show by discussing the news that SummerSlam will be travelling to Toronto, Canada in 2019. Ryback notes that cities bid for these big WWE events because they bring a lot of people and money into the local economy. He thinks it’s great that Canadian fans will have the opportunity to see this event on their own soil next year.

News broke this past week that Roman Reigns has overtaken John Cena as the top merchandise seller in WWE. Ryback notes that there have been multiple people who could have overtaken Cena as the top merchandise seller over the years if WWE would have allowed them to, but Reigns is the guy who they want in that position so that’s great for Reigns and his family.

He notes that Reigns appeals to kids and families because he’s been positioned that way. Reigns has a good look for that role and he’s done a tremendous job with the opportunity, and Ryback is happy for him because he’s a great guy.


It appears that Rey Mysterio is nearing a WWE return, and Ryback is excited to see him return. He notes that Mysterio is a major superstar anywhere he goes, and he’s sure the fans will love to see him back in WWE. He’s not sure if Mysterio will work a limited schedule or if he’ll return full time for a while, but Ryback’s sure WWE will be able to make money with him regardless.

An online troll took a shot at Tyler Breeze this past week, saying that if Velveteen Dream gets called up to the main roster he’ll turn into Tyler Breeze at best. Breeze responded to this fan by pointing out that he’s made a great living for him and his family over the past 8 years, and just because he’s not booked to win wrestling matches that doesn’t mean he’s a failure.

Ryback points out that this fan is so out of touch with reality and is clearly uneducated in this field. Ryback thought Breeze’s reply in this case was positive and professional.

Ryback welcomes Stu Bennett (Wade Barrett) to the show.

Ryback admits that he didn’t really like Barrett when they first encountered each other many years ago at Ohio Valley Wrestling. Barrett laughs and notes that the feeling was mutual, but they both recall having a short conversation at one point which resulted in both of them realizing that the other guy wasn’t so bad after all. They’ve been good friends ever since.

They both point out that breaking into WWE as members of Nexus was a terrific opportunity for them. Unfortunately Ryback was injured shortly thereafter, and although Barrett had a main event run for a while it simply didn’t last. Barrett notes that it can be frustrating for talent when they simply have to sit and bite their tongues while other performers are given better roles.

Ryback informs that the line, “You’re either Nexus, or you’re against us” was actually his idea. Barrett confirms that, noting that he was stumbling through a spontaneous promo after a PPV one evening and Ryback whispered in his ear to use that line. Barrett closed the promo with that line and Vince McMahon immediately loved it. Although Barrett was the first person to use that line in WWE, Ryback did indeed come up with it.

Ryback asks Barrett about his mindset during his last year in WWE. Barrett notes that he was very unhappy with his character’s creative during that time. He also had a small neck injury, and adds that you can work through some injuries if you’re happy, but when you’re miserable it gets very tough to risk further injury and risk your body night after night.

Barrett points out that he gave up years of his personal life in order to work for WWE. The WWE lifestyle and schedule isn’t easy, and when you start to feel like you’ve hit a dead end creatively it becomes harder and harder to continue working there. Ryback says he respected Barrett’s decision to leave at that time, and that gave him some confidence to eventually leave the company as well.

Barrett continues by saying that when you’re working for WWE you simply don’t have time to pursue other opportunities. He knew there were other opportunities out there for him, and WWE even denied him the chance to pursue a couple of those opportunities while he was still under contract with them. He just had to find the courage to leave WWE.

He points out that career diversity is important to him now. He’s acting in movies, hosting a Netflix show that will debut on August 31, and is doing commentary for a wrestling promotion in the United Kingdom as well.

That sums up this week’s episode of Conversation With the Big Guy. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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