Possible 4 Horsewomen Change-Up Coming To WWE


The 4 Horsewomen are all under WWE’s roof, MMA or if you’re talking about Becks, Bays, Char, and Banks, WWE already had those women in their employ.

Joe Peisich from Barnburner’s Fired Up podcast said that apparently, the idea could be with Becky turning on Charlotte, they won’t include them on the same team in an upcoming 4 Horsewomen vs 4 Horsewomen battle. In fact, they could add to the ranks and add event more women to the mix.

“With Becky turning on Charlotte, I don’t see that they will have a 4 Horsewomen per say with those 4. I think they are going to go with 5 people and maybe the Bella Twins invade the 4 Horsewomen.”

The idea was also mentioned later that Natalya or Nikki Bella could be brought into this situation as well to even things out in a 5 on 5 setting. Trish Stratus is also said to be a wildcard consideration for this spot at this point as well.

Only time will tell what goes down in the buildup to whatever WWE has in store. But it looks like there are plenty of interesting choices about which direction they can go in the meantime.

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