Vince McMahon Reportedly Has Three Important Meetings Before SummerSlam

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There is always a lot going on backstage in WWE and Vince McMahon will never slow down because he’s the boss and that’s how he does business.

Joe Peisich said on Barnburner Radio’s Fired Up that Vince McMahon has 3 big meetings planned before SummerSlam kicks off that might be big deals.

“There is a meeting scheduled with Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon. I’ve also heard that Randy Orton will be having a meeting with Vince McMahon possibly about rubbing himself. And also, Daniel Bryan, he has not signed his deal with WWE. Apparently, he is scheduled to sign his deal at that meeting. If he does, look for him to win his match with The Miz. If he doesn’t, maybe look for The Miz to win that. So that should be interesting there.”

You never know what can happen in WWE, but it looks like Vince McMahon has a few meetings scheduled before SummerSlam that could change a lot depending on how they go.

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