WWE Not Able To Sign International Talent Due To Injury

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WWE is always looking to bring in as much talent as they can and they had their eye on two impressive Latin American wrestlers, but it looks like one of them isn’t going to be able to come in.

While Ultimo Ninja is in Orlando already and ready to start at the WWE Performance Center, it is noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Garza Jr isn’t there.

Garza Jr. was supposed to start already and he said he had some worries that his shoulder might not be up to par during the medical exams. It looks like this is the case because sources in WWE told Meltzer that “they didn’t think he was coming in.”

For what it’s worth, Garza Jr. has also been telling bookers that he’s not wrestling again for the next 4-6 months although he’ll still be doing appearances and signings as well as working as a special referee during an upcoming Crash Luchas event.

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