The Cleaner may have fallen just short of making it to three straight G1 Climax finals this year, but he’s still the IWGP Heavyweight Champion and top dog in New Japan. Omega did string together six-consecutive victories in the tournament before he finally faltered in the later rounds and lost a brutal, bloody matchup against Tomohiro Ishii. In the press conference following the G1 Finals, Omega issued a challenge to the 42 year “stone-pitbull, and promises that it will be a much different outcome whenever they do decided to tangle again.

Let’s just settle Ishii, you want it? I’ll do what I can to make it happen. When I come back, when I defend against you, Ishii, its not going to be a beaten, bloodied, broken down Kenny Omega versus a one-hundred percent nothing to lose, tubby, short, piece of lard, Ishii. This is going to be one-hundred percent best bout machine, tip top shape, champion Kenny Omega defending his belt against you. We will determine the date later.

Watch the full clip below, courtesy of Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso.


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