Kenny Omega Apologizes For Statements He Made After G1 Climax


This is an interesting story because the statements Kenny Omega made after the G1 Climax might never see the light of day, but he’s still sorry for them. The IWGP Heavyweight Champion recently took to Twitter in order to say I’m sorry about something he said, but he wouldn’t specify what was said so it was very confusing.

“I issued a comment after the #G128 finals that I really should have kept to myself,” Omega wrote. “Emotions were running high and I was caught on camera. What’s done is done. Thanks to everyone that followed this G1. Stitches are out and the heel will mend. See you at All In.”

One fan commented saying, “For everyone asking what Kenny said ‘…When I come back, when I defend against you, Ishii, its not going to be a beaten, bloodied, broken down Kenny Omega versus a one-hundred percent nothing to lose, tubby, short, piece of lard, Ishii.'”

But that apparently wasn’t what Omega said to offend anyone either.

“Not that comment. Maybe it won’t see the light of day, but it was post G1,” Omega responded.

Only time will tell if it will ever be revealed what Omega said but at this point in time, our minds are racing. We are also wondering if this is some kind of setup for Being The Elite.

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