Popular Indie Star Gets Caught Trying To Hijack Mechanical Horse

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Joey Janela has a lot of fun and if you’ve ever seen him perform than you’re aware of this fact. Janela likes to be the life of the party but apparently, he was too much when he got the idea of riding a bar’s mechanical horse into a bathroom.

Janela visited the Blue Chip in Seaside Heights, NJ recently and he was having a great time. The bar apparently has little mechanical horses you can ride around on as well which is fun.

But when Janela tried to ride his new horsey pal into the men’s room, that’s when the staff had a problem. As you can see in the video, Joey’s fun was stopped as a waitress rescued the bar’s horsey before it could travel into a much less sanitary area.

Joey didn’t mean any harm and gave up his ride. But, it’s likely not going to be the last time Bad Boy Joey Janela has too much fun on the town.

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