Interesting Note About Dean Ambrose’s WWE Return


Seth Rollins needed a tag team partner on Raw this week and Kurt Angle told him that he couldn’t pick Dean Ambrose because he is still out of action with a torn triceps. This didn’t keep the crowd from chanting for Ambrose anyway.

Dave Meltzer mentioned how strange it was that Ambrose’s name was mentioned during Wrestling Observer Radio. It turns out that WWE might be trying to throw fans off the track of their plans seeing how Ambrose is about ready for a return anyway.

“You know what’s so weird? In this segment out of nowhere they said ‘it can’t be Dean Ambrose because he’s out of action with a torn tricep,’ and I mean the whole thing is Dean Ambrose is pretty much ready to return. So why would you bring his name up? Shouldn’t the whole thing be in a month or so, I mean Seth is going to need a partner, So wouldn’t you think they’ll not mention him and just have him run in?”

You can try all day to make sense of WWE booking sometimes, but that’s how they book a swerve in 2018.

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