Edge and Christian open today’s show by speaking about the upcoming season of the Edge & Christian show on the WWE Network. They mention that this season is going to be entirely different than the first season, and he thinks fans are really going to enjoy it.

They discuss the unfortunate and untimely death of Brian Christopher Lawler, better known as WWE’s Grandmaster Sexay. Christian points out that he and Edge had a lot of great matches with Too Cool during the attitude era and they had great chemistry together. Lawler entertained thousands of people around the world, and Christian was very sad to hear of his passing this past week.

Edge agrees, pointing out that anytime he was told that they were booked to work with Too Cool he knew they were going to have fun. They both send their thoughts and prayers to Lawler’s family. They also send their thoughts to the families of Nikolai Volkoff and Brickhouse Brown. They note that this was a very sad week in the professional wrestling family.


Edge asks Christian if he thinks WWE’s current Women’s division is strong enough to support tag team Titles. Christian says he’s been talking about this for a while now, and he thinks the division is definitely strong enough to support tag Titles. He points out that WWE has a lot of things coming up like the Mae Young Classic and the Evolution PPV, so maybe they want to stagger these announcements.

Edge and Christian welcome Luke Harper to the show.

Christian points out that both he and Edge think Harper is extremely talented. He recalls Harper nearly quitting the wrestling business before joining WWE because he had a family to support and was about to become a truck driver to support them. Luckily the WWE came calling at the perfect time, Harper jumped at the opportunity and hasn’t looked back since.

Edge thinks Harper has made the best of every scenario he’s found himself in within WWE. There are connections made between Harper and Bruiser Brody, but Edge points out that Harper often performs more agile moves in the ring as well. He thinks Harper is so good that he could work against The Undertaker at WrestleMania and would fit right in there.

Harper mentions that he loves working with The Usos. He’s a big fan of them personally and professionally, noting that they’re great human beings and also two of the best workers in the world. He points out that they continue to reinvent themselves and he has a tremendous amount of respect for them.

Harper informs that although you mightn’t like every idea presented to you by WWE officials, you need to dive in and give 100% in order to make the idea work. A couple of years ago he was told by officials that he and Erick Rowan were done as a tag team because there was nothing else for them to do, but after just a short period of time they were paired up again and now they’re tag team Champions.

He recalls McMahon presenting him and Rowan with the idea for The Bludgeon Brothers. McMahon told them that he wanted them to carry around huge mallets and for a split second Harper thought, “It’s 2018, what are we doing?”, but then he switched his mindset completely and then he thought it was awesome.

Harper informs that he worked with Dean Ambrose in his WWE tryout match. He had worked with Ambrose many times before on the independent scene and they always had great matches together, and his tryout match turned out great. Still, he was sure that WWE wouldn’t be interested in him because he was 32, bald and not in great shape. To his surprise he received a call from the company and they told him that they wanted to hire him.

Harper informs that when The Wyatt Family started he and Rowan hated each other. They did not get along at all, but over time he realized that they were stuck together and they began to make it work. As time has gone on they’ve been able to work together with no problems at all. He thinks the success of The Wyatt Family early on had a lot to do with their original presentation and Bray’s ability to speak on the mic.

Christian asks Harper about his goals moving forward in WWE. Harper says he’s dying to become a singles World Champion in WWE. He got a taste of it as Intercontinental Champion and he has not given up on that goal moving forward. He’s unsure whether he’ll ever get that chance in WWE but he has the confidence in himself to make it happen and he’ll do whatever he can to put himself in that position.

That sums up today’s episode of E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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