Rikishi, who was the one of the members of Too Cool with Brian Christopher, took to Instagram and posted the following remarks in regards to his recent death.

@therealgrandmastersexay our last dance together…. Brian’s living spirit was always his passion for adventure and love for the wrestling business!! What I will carry with me most is the Grandmasta’s infectious smile and wicked laugh but most of all is his passion to entertain each & every person he ever came in contact with. RIL B #UltimateUceGMS #LoveYou #TooCool #Respect #MyRiddah #RoadPartners – JRF @thesamoandynasty Fam My condolences and respect goes out to King @realjerrylawler brother Kevin Lawler and entire family . I’m sry for our loss

You can check out the original post below.

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