It was reported earlier this week via Wrestlevotes that there may be a change to one of the already announced SummerSlam matches. The account hinted that it could be the Intercontinental Championship bout.

Dave Meltzer discussed these reports on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio and confirm that he’s heard the same thing and speculated that the match could be changed to a multi-person match.

“I asked around and there is at least talk that they may change that match. I don’t know if its for a multi-person match I presume. They may not but I guess that was going around this week. So the Rollins/Drew McIntye (he means Rollins/Ziggler) match if they are going to do a change in that match it’s obviously going to come out of that match.”

It doesn’t sound like it’s for certain that the match will change but we will keep you updated if we receive additional information.

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Steve Carrier

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