Triple H placed a conference call with Give Me Sport’s Turnbuckle Talk where Hunter (along with Shawn Michaels) gives the rundown on the future of the women’s division, and how vital Ronda Rousey has become to that formula. He goes on to remind us of the exceptional job the Rowdy One did in New Orleans, and compares her quick-learning attribute of pro-wrestling to a WWE legend…it’s true…it’s damn true.

I’ve never seen anybody grab it as quickly as she has. I mean, Kurt Angle would probably be the closest to it because he just took to it like a fish to water with it. But she has no right to be anywhere near as good as she is, but she just gets it. I mean she gets it on more than just a physical aspect, across the board.

Hunter also recalls one of the first conversations he had with Ronda, and claims he new instantly that she would be a WWE success.

Having spoken to her since the beginning, her passion and her drive for this to me made it perfectly reasonable that she might be this good at it. Once I kind of got in there with her for the first time and got a feel for her natural movement in this, I’ve been saying it since the day she signed with us and we started talking about it, but she’s going to shock everybody.

Check out the full interview here.

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