WWE Could Be Looking To Bring In More MMA Stars

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Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler have had amazing starts to their WWE career. Baszler is NXT Women’s Champion and Rousey is making a huge splash in WWE. Now the other 2 MMA 4 Horsewomen are also in NXT and they’ll all be wrestling soon.

Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Live that he was told that WWE might start looking at even more MMA talent coming in very soon due to how great the Horsewomen have done so far.

“All I know from talking to someone in WWE who’s done a lot of scouting said, ‘you would not believe how good these 2 girls are already.’ It’s been two months. In fact, they did so good he said he wouldn’t be surprised if WWE would start to focus more on MMA stars because we’ve got 4 now and Ronda’s great, Shayna’s great and Marina Sharif and Jessamyn Duke considering how long they’ve been training are great.”

You might see the Reality Era bring even more reality to WWE in MMA women who can really tear the arms off someone if they wanted to. Their training has really made it easy for the to become WWE Superstars so far.

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