Someone Hacked Adam Cole’s Twitter And Posted His Phone Number

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Someone has hacked Adam Cole’s Twitter and posted several things that he probably doesn’t want out there. They changed his name to “Moe The God” as well.

At this time, Cole hasn’t made an announcement concerning this hack yet. But it certainly seems to be the case. Whoever hacked his Twitter account not only posted a bunch of hateful messages toward the popular Vice media company, but they also posted some personal information of Cole’s.

They also posted Adam Cole’s phone number. We won’t be posting the number here, but we could be dealing with a situation where someone has stolen his phone. Therefore, let’s hope this Twitter hack ends with Twitter because it’s untelling what other kinds of damage they could do if they really wanted to and they had his phone. It’s probably time for him to use the “find my phone” feature if he has it turned on.

Adam’s real last name is Jenkins (fancy that?) and when you search the phone number posted not only does it reveal that the number is from Lancaster, PA (Cole’s hometown) but it is also owned by a Cathy Jenkins.

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