Impact Wrestling’s Moose recently appeared on Interactive Wrestling Radio. Below are a couple of highlights from his appearance.

If his match with Austin Aries is his biggest one so far:

“It is definitely the biggest match of my career. I will be pulling lots of tricks out of my tool box.”

Training harder than ever for Slammiversary:


“That is definitely a shoot. I’ve been training my ass off, dieting pretty hard, going to the gym sometimes 3 times a day. I’ve been hitting cardio pretty hard. I’ve been going at it for the past 6 weeks now. I can’t wait to see what I look like! (laughs) I haven’t taken any before and after pictures. So, Slammiversary will be my first time seeing me with my shirt off. Hopefully there will be some abs there!”

How he and Austin Aries measure up:

“I do have the size on Austin. But, Austin does have the experience on me. That will play into things. I feel like the winner of this match is the one who will be able to adjust the game plan as the match goes on. In a match of this caliber, you’re going to have to adjust your game plan. Both our game plans are going to change throughout the match. The man who adjusts best wins.”

Final thoughts on his match:

“We’ve had an exchange of words for weeks now. The big night is 2 days away. All the talking is done. We have to step in the ring and let our fists do the talking.”

You can listen to interview below.

Steve Carrier

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