X-Pac opens today’s show by speaking about the NJPW show that took place at the Cow Palace last weekend.

X-Pac comments on the lack of employees at the Cow Palace, resulting in long lines and people being late arriving to their seats. He doesn’t think there’s a lot of shows at the Cow Palace anymore, and that could be a reason that they seemed unprepared to handle that amount of people.

He speaks about the scary spot that resulted in Takahashi seriously injuring his neck. He points out that people take chances every night and the wrestling business is dangerous, but he didn’t like that spot at all. Part of the wrestling code is that you always protect your opponent and he didn’t think Takahashi was protected well in that spot at all.


Speaking about the spot in the Jay White/Juice Robinson match that knocked over Jim Ross, X-Pac says this was incredibly reckless and careless and there was no excuse for that whatsoever. He understands where Josh Barnett was coming from when he jumped up from the announce table and jumped in the ring to the defence of his commentary partner.

He also points out that this match ended with a big feel good moment with Robinson winning the US Title, and that made it difficult for Omega & Cody to get the crowd back in the main event. Fortunately, by the end of the match they managed to do so.

X-Pac welcomes Juice Robinson to the show.

X-Pac vividly remembers speaking to Robinson when he was on his was out of NXT. Robinson says he felt stuck in NXT and he had to leave. He doesn’t blame that on WWE or on himself; sometimes things just aren’t working out. He was fired up to get out of there and prove his worth to the wrestling business.

X-Pac notes that he went through a similar thing in WWE many years ago. It hurt his feelings that Vince McMahon didn’t see him in the role that he thought he should be in and he had to go to WCW to prove himself. McMahon tried telling him that it was just business, but X-Pac noted that McMahon takes his business very seriously, and he does too.

Robinson points out that he saw a lot of mature, veteran performers signing with NXT and they all got placed higher than him on the card. He was 25 and realized that he had to venture out on his own in order to learn all the things that those veteran guys knew, and he had to do that quickly. WWE officials were reportedly impressed with Robinson’s decision.

He informs that he signed with WWE developmental at 21 years old and he had a lot to learn at that point. Unfortunately as the years went by he simply got lost in the shuffle. X-Pac notes that there have been a lot of talents who’ve been lost in the shuffle in WWE developmental who ended up finding success elsewhere later in their career.

X-Pac thinks Robinson will be back in WWE at some point in a featured spot, if he chooses to do so. Robinson says a lot of people have been saying that lately, but he’s very happy in NJPW right now. He doesn’t see any ceiling in NJPW right now and he wants to continue to work his way up that ladder. X-Pac predicts an IWGP Heavyweight Championship run in Robinson’s future if he stays the course in NJPW.

Robinson admits that Jay White’s success is a huge motivating factor for him. They came up through NJPW’s dojo together and although they really like each other, they’re definitely rivals as well. He calls it a healthy competition.

Robinson comments on the spot during his recent match with White that injured Jim Ross. He heard the crowd pop after taking a suplex onto the guardrail and although he knew the spot was cool, he didn’t think it would garner that type of response. When he looked up he saw that Ross had been knocked over and he saw Josh Barnett get in the ring, chasing White. He didn’t know what to think of that and he wasn’t sure how it was going to end. Everything considered, he thinks Josh’s decision actually added to the drama of the match.

He notes that it certainly wasn’t their intention to hurt Ross. He thought the guardrails were going to be locked together after workers told him they would be locked earlier in the day. He informs that he apologized to Ross after the match.

X-Pac points out that Takahashi suffered a neck injury at this show, and he wonders if there’s been any internal discussions at NJPW about taking less risks in the ring. Robinson informs that there hasn’t really been any internal discussions about toning down the risky spots. In the end it’s up to each performer to take care of themselves and their opponents, and if they want to work a riskier style then that’s up to them. Robinson points out that Takahashi’s style is definitely crazier than most other performers’.

That sums up this week’s episode of X-Pac 1, 2,360. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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