At Extreme Rules, Shinsuke Nakamura shocked everyone by punching Jeff Hardy in the dick and becoming United States Champion in ten seconds. After that, Randy Orton shocked both Nakamura and everyone in the audience by returning and then stepping on Jeff Hardy’s dick. The Viper will be a welcome presence in Smackdown’s midcard, no doubt. He also has a lot of eyes on him right now. People will want an explanation for stomping on Jeff Hardy’s dick. Hopefully Orton has one.

With Hardy and Nakamura set to have a rematch on Tuesday, we shall see where the story between the three men goes.

shinsuke nakamura: friend or foe?

When Randy Orton’s music hit, many were expecting him to assault the new United States Champion. Obviously, that did not happen. No one is sure yet just what Orton’s intentions are, but it’s safe to assume that they aren’t pretty. After all, the Viper is a psychopath.


Let us take a look back into the past, at a time where Orton and Nakamura were best buds. They had a lot to bond over. They both lost to Jinder Mahal, and they both hated Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Thus, one of the most beautiful friendships was born.

The way I see it, there are two possible scenarios for the unlikely duo of Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton.

Option 1: Both men team up as mean dickheads who kinda bully everyone around. Both men clearly value and respect each other, and maybe Orton respects what Shinsuke’s been up to. The alliance continues, and the two men continue to wreak havoc all over Smackdown. No one is safe.

Option 2: Randy Orton does not agree with Nakamura and his constant low blows. He is now on the warpath to try and redeem his former-friend-now-bitter-enemy. He wants to bring his friend back into the light. As for attacking Jeff Hardy, that was a message. Orton will stoop to Nakamura’s level. Nakamura needs to watch out, lest he get a taste of his own medicine.

Both of these options are quite appealing. People have been clamoring for Orton to be evil again. At the same time, a proper, honest to goodness feud between the Apex Predator and the King of Strong Style would be must watch for many people. Should their paths remain intertwined, everyone would win.

a feud with aj styles

If Randy Orton is returning as a mean guy and aligns himself with Nakamura and his nefarious, dick-punching ways, then a feud with top face AJ Styles would certainly be interesting. After all, there’s no bigger way to make a name for yourself as a bad guy than to take down the resident super hero. People would care more if Orton destroyed AJ Styles than, say, R-Truth or Tye Dillinger.

Some may argue that putting Styles into another dick feud so soon would be tiresome. I agree with that sentiment. But Orton does not have to be a dick puncher. He can just be a total asshole and it would be fine. If Randy were a heel, he’d probably bring it. He’s spoken in the past about how he wants to be a bad guy again. He’d be motivated. And a motivated Randy Orton is nigh untouchable,

People may say that the Apex Predator is boring. or that he does not belong in the WWE Championship picture. To that, I say “nope.” I agree that Randy can be boring at times. However, he is a world class talent. And don’t tell me that you would not want to see Randy Orton v. AJ Styles for the WWE Championship. The matches in such a program would be absolutely stellar, no doubt about it.

If Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura team up and go on a two man power trip and kick ass all over Smackdown, that would be something else. I’d watch that.

It will be interesting to see where the Viper goes from here, and who he strikes next.

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