Edge and Christian open today’s show by speaking about the great work that Dolph Ziggler, Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre have been doing on RAW the last few weeks. Edge notes that McIntyre is looking like a killing machine right now, and he’s really happy to see that Ziggler is getting another chance to be a big-time player because he’s one of the best in the business.

Christian is looking forward to the 30-minute Iron Man match between Ziggler and Rollins at Extreme Rules as he’s sure those guys will deliver. He informs that when he was working for WWE’s ECW brand, he made a strong pitch to do a match for an entire one-hour show with Jack Swagger. He notes that he almost had WWE officials convinced to let them do it, but it didn’t pan out.

A listener writes into the show and asks the guys to name their favourite singles and tag team finishers of all time. Christian notes that Jake Roberts’ DDT is classic, and Edge agrees entirely. Edge adds that Jerry Lawler’s Piledriver was fantastic and Undertaker’s “Tombstone” variation was great as well. As far as tag team finishers go, they both agree that Legion of Doom’s Doomsday Device was incredible. They also mention The Hart Foundation’s Hart Attack, and the British Bulldog’s Flying Headbutt from the top rope.


Another listener writes into the show and asks Edge if he watched the entire show leading up to his WrestleMania main event match against The Undertaker. Edge informs that he didn’t watch the show backstage because he thought that would result in him putting more pressure on himself. He knew he was going to tell a great story with Undertaker and they were going to deliver in the main event, but he didn’t need any added pressure in those final moments leading up to the match.

The next listener asks Christian why he changed the name of his finisher from The Unprettier to The Killswitch. Christian notes that he had been joking around with the The Hardys backstage, referring to the move by the name “The Unprettier” and Michael Cole heard it and said it on the air one day. That name stuck but he never thought it did the move justice because the move looked brutal. When he made his WWE comeback years later he wanted to rename the move and Vince McMahon was in agreement.

A listener asks Edge and Christian about their thoughts on rating matches with through a star system. Edge says he thinks the star rating system is silly. Christian agrees, noting that the entire thing is subjective and if you enjoy the match then that’s all that matters.

Edge and Christian talk about potential tag team partners, if they didn’t debut in WWE as a tag team with each other. Edge thinks he would have worked well with Billy Kidman or Val Venis, and Christian suggests that maybe he would have had a great tag team with Scotty 2 Hotty.

A listener calls into the show and asks Edge and Christian if they think we’ll ever see inter-gender wrestling return to WWE. Both men are stumped by the question. Edge notes that there seems to be a rise in popularity for inter-gender wrestling stemming from the indie scene, but he’s unsure if that’ll ever translate to WWE.

Another listener writes into the show and asks Edge and Christian if they ever had any issue blading. Edge says he never had any difficulty; if anything, he’d often bleed too much. Christian mentions that he was a bit nervous before blading for the first time. The thought of doing it was always worse than actually doing it in his opinion, but thankfully he didn’t have to do it much. They’re both happy that blading has taken a back seat in the wrestling business as of late.

A listener writes into the show asking the guys when they first realized they had “made it”. Edge says he didn’t like to think like that, but admits that he was pretty excited the first time he saw an Edge action figure as well as seeing himself as a playable character in a WWE video game. Christian says the first night he appeared on PPV to distract Edge he knew his life had changed dramatically.

The next writer asks Edge and Christian if they’d still be wrestling today if injuries didn’t shorten their careers.  Christian notes that he was still having fun at the end of his career but the stuff before and after matches was getting more difficult. It’s hard for him to know whether he’d still be wrestling or not. He adds that he might be interested in a training role moving forward, maybe on a part-time basis.

Edge says he wouldn’t be interested in a training role with WWE only because he wouldn’t want to live in Orlando, but any trainee has an open invitation to ask him questions anytime.

That sums up today’s episode of E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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