James Ellsworth Turns Babyface Outside Arena Meeting Young Fans


James Ellsworth is doing everything he can with his second chance in WWE. He’s using the words they give him to the best of his ability. He only got 2 sentences to say before his match with Asuka on SmackDown Live this week but he made every one of them count.

Ellsworth might be a heel on television but he’s a nice guy in real life. He showed this as he met with some young fans for a picture after the show last night.

One fan was so shocked to see Ellsworth that it was hard for him to keep his mouth closed. Ellsworth took a selfie with the young fans and they were on their way.

Ellsworth also looked good in a suit which is a sign he’s taking his job very seriously. He’s business before and after the show which is a good sign. Hopefully, this is the first of many fan encounters he has as a WWE employee this time around.

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