Former WWE Tough Enough Star Matt Cappotelli Passes Away


Former WWE Tough Enough star Matt Cappotelli has passed away.

Lindsey Cappotelli, the now-widow of Matt, made the announcement today on Facebook that her husband has passed after his battle with cancer.

Hey Team Capp…I’ve been struggling with what to say and how to say this, and I’ll probably end up rambling, but here goes. Today my love-my strong, sweet, beautiful love-took his last breath at 3:30 a.m. and went Home to be with Jesus…exactly one year after his brain surgery. You think you can be prepared for this when you know it’s coming, but you just can’t. The only person who’s comfort I want right now is the one who can’t give it to me. I miss him so much. I know where he is now is so much better, but it doesn’t change how much I miss him.

We reported a while back that Matt’s health was getting worse and he was dealing with grade IV glioblastoma multiforme. His treatment has been discontinued back in May of this year.

We at Ringside News send our condolences to Matt’s family.

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