Welcome to our live coverage of WWE Money In The Bank 2018!

Tonight’s show features two Money In The Bank Ladder Matches, one for the guys and one for the gals. Both matches are made up of stars from Raw and SmackDown Live and, for once, I think WWE has done a decent job of building storylines into the match and creating mini-feuds throughout. Both matches are kind of anyone’s guess as to who will win, but my picks are The Miz and Lana. I think it’s always more interesting when you have a heel briefcase holder, it just fits their persona’s better, but I would love to see Big E win the briefcase and inject new life into The New Day and potentially start their downfall.

Ronda Rousey gets a title shot tonight. In her first ever singles match. Yes this feels rushed and it’s hard to see her not winning but hey, let’s just forget all the politics and everything, and enjoy the ride. It will be interesting to see if Ronda can have a good match without legends like Triple H and Kurt Angle to help her along, and Nia isn’t always the best, but I hope they can prove us all wrong and burn the house down.

Speaking of burning down, Seth Rollins puts his Intercontinental Championship on the line against Elias tonight; Roman Reigns faces Jinder Mahal; Asuka faces Carmella for the Women’s Championship; Sami Zayn faces Bobby Lashley; and the SmackDown WWE Championship is on the line between Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles. Of course Raw’s title is nowhere to be seen. It’s a very stacked card tonight, and, as such, the show starts an hour early. The main roster will have its work cut out to try and better last night’s NXT show but here’s hoping they do. Remember to join the conversation on the Ringside Talk app and enjoy the show!


Kick-Off Show

The Money In The Bank 2018 Kick-Off Show begins with the panel of Renee Young, Booker T, David Otunga, and Peter Rosenberg, who run down the entire card.

We see Charly Caruso backstage, who says she spoke to Daniel Bryan earlier today, and he said that he hopes to put this saga with Big Cass behind him. Daniel Bryan will be on the Kick-Off Show for an interview later. Kevin Owens walks-up, shouting about something being missing, with a trash bag slung over his back. She asks him what’s in the bag and he tells her she doesn’t need to know. She asks how it felt to be powerslammed onto a ladder by Braun Strowman last week, to which Owens say it felt great, he was having some back issues but Braun fixed it. He then asks her if she’s stupid and says he figured his other opponents last week would have had more common sense and worked as a team. A guy walks up and hands Owens two huge jars of maple syrup, to which Charly asks if the bag is full of pancakes and Owens unconvincingly says no. Charly sends it back to the panel.

It’s time to discuss the WWE Championship match. They discuss Nakamura’s attitude change and the feud. Booker T says 2018 is AJ Styles’ moment and he doesn’t think anyone can beat him. Rosenberg and Otunga both think Nakamura will win the title.

The panel move on and quickly talk about Bobby Lashley Vs. Sami Zayn. They talk about what makes a man like Bobby snap, and it’s often someone dissing their family. Not to mention Zayn questioning Bobby’s military service. They all think Zayn doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell tonight.

We move on to talk about the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship match, which sees Asuka face Carmella. Rosenberg says Carmella is one of the smartest people on the roster and she will be coming in tonight with a plan. Otunga says everyone has a plan until you get kicked in the face. Booker says everyone sees this match as a mismatch, that Asuka will bulldoze Carmella, so there are no expectations on Carmella and she could pull it off. Renee says she doesn’t want Carmella’s reign to end because she’s so fun. Booker says Asuka’s cloak of invincibility is gone and this is a new Asuka.

Renee interviews Daniel Bryan. She asks how he feels about Cass saying a good big man will always beat a good little man. Bryan says that Cass would have to be good for that to matter. Rosenberg asks Bryan what his strategy is, to which D-Bry says the same as always: “tap out the world”. He has several methods of making Cass submit and he will make it happen tonight. Booker asks what advantages Bryan will have over Cass, to which Bryan says “legs, lungs, heart.” He says Cass cannot outwork him or outlast him. Bryan says big guys get handed everything in wrestling, while he had to work his ass off. After Bryan disappears, Booker T likens Bryan to Royler Gracie, who went around challenging big guys in gyms with his jiu-jitsu and whipped them all.

Seth Rollins is interviewed by Charly Caruso backstage. He has a guitar with him and he says he got it from John Mayer. He says Elias’ greatest hits wouldn’t make it on his b-sides, so tonight will be just another notch in his belt. Back with the panel, Renee says she thinks Elias will win tonight. Booker says there will be a star made tonight in the form of Elias. Otunga is the only naysayer as he sides with the Kingslayer.

Samoa Joe joins the panel and you can barely hear him for the Chicago fans. He starts talking about the Money In The Bank match but Kevin Owens interrupts him. Owens says they’re very alike and they need to work together. He says Strowman is unstoppable and they need to take him out. Joe says he can’t trust KO. Owens says he doesn’t have to trust him, he just has to have common sense. Joe says common sense means KO should walk away right now. Owens obliges and the panel wish Joe luck.

WWE SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship Match

(C) The Bludgeon Brothers Vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

The match begins with Harper getting knocked from the ring and he lands awkwardly. The good brothers follow them out but get beat down by Harper and Rowan. Gallows is thrown up the ramp, while Anderson is slammed headfirst onto the ring apron. Gallows eats a double-team dropkick and we head to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back and the action has returned to the ring. Harper is beating on Karl Anderson, hitting him with a catapult into the bottom ropes. Rowan tags in and beats Anderson around the ring for a minute before tagging Harper back in. Harper chops Anderson’s chest and hits a snapmare before tagging Rowan, who hits a slash for a two-count. Gallows is still down on the outside.

Anderson fights out of a headlock, only to be dropped with a back elbow. Rowan splashes Karl in the corner and roars to the crowd. He picks Anderson up and whips him to the corner where Karl elbows Harper from the apron. Rowan runs at Anderson, who dodges him and Erick hits the ring post. Harper tags in and gets caught with a spinebuster and finally Gallows is tagged.

Gallows runs the gambit of the hot tag, hitting multiple big boots and a slam on Harper. Both Anderson and Gallows clothesline Rowan from the ring and Anderson dives over the ropes onto him. Harper drops Gallows with a big boot for a near-fall. Harper looks for a suplex but Gallows reverses it and Anderson joins in for The Magic Killer but it’s thwarted by Rowan. The Bludgeon Brothers hit the double-team powerbomb for the win.

Winners: The Bludgeon Brothers

We’re back with the panel and they start to discuss the Raw Women’s Championship Match. They say that Ronda Rousey exceeded expectations at WrestleMania but that’s a very different situation to tonight. Renee says Ronda is clearly very adaptable but Nia Jax is experienced and knows more rules. Booker says we know CM Punk tried to run to UFC but he got the brakes beaten off of him, so these transitions are not easy. Otunga sides with Ronda, Rosenberg says Nia and so does Booker T.

That’s it for the Money In The Bank Kick-Off Show.

After the video package airs we go live to the Chicago All-State Arena and out comes Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan Vs. Big Cass

The bell rings and Bryan runs around the ring. They lock-up and Cass forces Bryan to the corner and taunts him. Bryan ducks a punch and starts chopping Cass with kicks. Bryan through Cass to the ropes and leapfrogs him, then hits a drop-toe hold, looking for the heel hook. Cass kicks him off then whips Bryan into the corner. Bryan flips over the turnbuckle and onto the apron, where Cass shoulder tackles him off and into the barricade.

Big Cass follows Bryan outside and drops Bryan onto the apron with a military slam. Cass puts Bryan back in the ring and lands some elbow drops to the lower back. Cass taunts the fans, and receives some boos. Cass applies a bear hug but Bryan fights out, only to be dropped with a knee from Cass. The big man whips Bryan to the corner, where Bryan flips over Cass and hits the ropes but Cass catches him with a sidewalk slam for a two-count.

Cass puts Bryan in the corner, feigns the Yes! chant and runs at Bryan but gets hits with a drop toe hold and headbutts the turnbuckle. Bryan ducks a clothesline and kicks Cass’ surgically repaired leg, then hits him with two dragon whips. Both men are on the apron and Bryan lifts Cass’ leg and slams it knee-first into the apron. Bryan drags Cass’ legs around the ringpost and whips them off of it. Bryan hits a missile dropkick to the back of Cass, sending him to the corner. D-Bry hits the running dropkicks to Cass in the corner, then cinches-in the Yes Lock. Cass reaches the bottom rope and rolls from the ring.

Bryan hits a dropkick through the ropes to Cass, then climbs to the top rope and hits a crossbody to Cass on the floor! Bryan rolls him back inside and climbs to the top rope, but Cass hits him. Cass punches Bryan as he sits atop the ropes and the fans chant “Big Cass sucks”. Cass climbs the ropes and hits a Fallaway Slam for a near-fall.

Cass punches the mat in frustration. Cass gets to his feet and scoops Bryan up in a torture rack. Bryan tries to punch out, but Cass counters with an inverted death valley driver for a near fall! Bryan rolls around in pain while Cass saunters around, not limping even though his leg has been worked on the entire match. Cass punches him while the crowd chants, “Daniel Bryan.” Bryan ducks a big boot, and Cass crotches himself on the top rope. Bryan hits a chop block to the back of the knee. Bryan connects with a second chop block and starts the “YES” Kicks. Cass grabs him by the throat before the big kick to the head. Bryan gets out and dropkicks the knee before kicking him in the head. Bryan starts an unbelievable “YES” chant before charging into a flapjack. Cass immediately follows up with a devastating Big Boot for a near fall!

Cass picks him up in a second torture rack and looks for another inverted death valley driver, but Bryan lands on his feet. Bryan ducks a clothesline and connects with the Busaiku Knee Kick! Bryan then applies the heel hook and Cass taps!

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Bryan celebrates after the match and leads the fans in a huge Yes! chant. Cass limps off. Here’s a nice picture of Bryan’s family…

We go backstage to see The New Day, who’re trying to decide who will be in the Money in the Bank match tonight. Kevin Owens comes in. Owens says he comes bearing gifts and unloads a garbage bag full of flapjacks. Owens also brought syrup with him. Owens wants to know which of them is in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Owens wants to know if the others that aren’t in the match can take out Braun Strowman. The New Day says they’re a lot of things, but they’re not cheaters. Owens says he just wants to talk about it. The New Day invites him to have some pancakes and talk about it, but Owens doesn’t like pancakes, and he says their cereal sucks. The New Day flips out, Big E screams and Woods almost faints. They tell him to leave and Owens says iHop was right to change to iHob because burgers are better. He hates them and he hates Chicago and he hates pancakes. Before he leaves, Big E calls him back and grabs the maple syrup. They laugh as Owens storms off.

Sami Zayn is out next, with his typically over-the-top entrance. We see clips of his feud with Bobby Lashley. The fans are firmly behind Zayn, no surprise.

Sami Zayn Vs. Bobby Lashley

The bell rings, and Zayn immediately gets out of the ring. A loud “Olé” chant picks up. Zayn teases getting in the ring, but quickly exits when Lashley charges him. Zayn smiles as he prances around the ring. Zayn gets in the ring, but quickly leaves again.

Zayn gets in the ring when Lashley chases after him. Zayn stomps Bobby as he’s getting into the ring, but Lashley quickly stops him. Zayn rakes the eyes and kicks him out of the ring. Zayn is looking for a count-out. Lashley gets on the apron, where Zayn kicks and sends him into the ring post. Zayn drives him head-first into the ringpost for a second time. Zayn gets in the ring and is looking for the count-out again. Lashley gets in the ring, so Zayn stomps him again.

Zayn mounts Lashley and applies a crossface. Zayn then punches away at him. Zayn continues to punch him and talk trash. Lashley blocks a right had and clotheslines him down to boos from the crowd. Lashley charges him in the corner, but Zayn boots him back. Zayn comes off the top rope with a cross-body, but Lashley catches him and hits a fall-away slam. Lashley clotheslines him in the corner and hits a vicious running shoulder. Lashley punches him and goes for a suplex, but Zayn fights out.

Lashley hits a spinebuster before picking him up for a delayed vertical suplex. Lashley picks Sami up over his shoulder and drops him. Lashley then hits a second delayed vertical suplex before standing over Zayn. Lashley lifts him up over his shoulder again before dropping him down. Lashley hits a third delayed vertical suplex before covering him with one hand for the decisive win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Wow. I didn’t expect such an easy win for Bobby. I guess it shows where both men stand in the company’s eyes. Lashley poses after the match.

Elias is in the ring for a little show. He plays a lick to start proceedings and it’s funny how much he has improved at guitar. He calls the fans scumbags and they chant “we are scumbags”. He tells them they don’t deserve a song for booing him and out comes the Champion.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

(C) Seth Rollins Vs. Elias

The bell rings, and they stand for a few moments across the ring looking at each other. Elias takes Seth down with a snapmare and applies a chin lock, but Rollins escapes and applies a hammerlock. Elias takes him down with a drop-toe-hold, but Rollins quickly applies another hammerlock. Slow pace to start. Elias fights up and elbows out, then clubs away at him and stomps him.

Elias connects with a shot to the injured neck, and Rollins clutches his neck in pain. Rollins gets to his feet and punches back. Rollins whips him off and hits the ropes before hitting a dropkick. Elias rolls out of the ring, so Rollins takes him down with a plancha. Rollins chops the chest and punches him at ringside. Rollins gets him in the ring and hits a springboard diving clothesline. Rollins hits a running forearm in the corner and punches away at him. The referee backs him up. Rollins goes to the apron, but Elias clotheslines him down. Rollins lands awkwardly on his neck and falls to the floor.

Elias gets him in the ring and stomps away at him. Elias talks a little trash before pulling him out to the apron and snapping his neck off the apron. Elias gets him in the ring and picks up a two count. Rollins fights back, but Elias spikes him with a big DDT for a near fall. Elias drops a knee for a one count. Elias hooks the head, but Rollins gets to his feet. Rollins tries to roll out of it, but Elias keeps it applied. Rollins appears to be bleeding from the mouth. Rollins fights up, but Elias kick him in the midsection and sends him to the ropes, but Elias lowers his head and eats a kick.

Rollins tries for a suplex, but Elias blocks it and takes him down. Elias tries for another knee drop, but Rollins moves. Rollins knocks him into the turnbuckle and boots him back. Rollins hits the ropes and hits a pair of running forearms. Elias hits the ropes, but Rollins follows and hits a Sling Blade. Rollins then sends him to the floor. Rollins gets pumped up and connects with a wild suicide dive. Rollins grabs his neck in pain. Rollins pulls himself up and gets him in the ring before coming off the second rope with a blockbuster for a two count. Rollins is trying to stretch his neck. The crowd is really into this. Elias drops him on the apron. Rollins springboards off the top rope, but Elias moves. Rollins’ knee buckles, and he screams in pain. Elias quickly connects with a knee to the head for a near fall. Hard to tell if his knee is actually hurt or it’s part of the story.

Elias gets him up for an electric chair, but Rollins fights out. Elias rolls him up for a two count. Elias continues to punch away at him. They trade punches with the crowd cheering and booing for each man. Elias takes him down with a big boot. Rollins goes for a roll-up, but releases it and superkicks Seth for a two count. Rollins goes to the apron and pulls himself to the top rope on one leg. Rollins goes for a frog splash on Elias half-way across the ring, but Elias gets his knees up for a near fall!

Elias goes to the top rope, but Rollins crotches him up there. Seth punches and goes for a superplex, but Elias fights him off. Rollins then scales the ropes and hits a superplex before following up with a falcon arrow for a near fall. Rollins sets up for the Stomp, but Elias moves. The Drifter catches him trying a suicide dive and launches him into the barricade before sending Rollins into the ring post. Elias throws him into the steps and gets him back in the ring.

Elias goes to the top rope for a big elbow drop and covers, but Rollins kicks out! Both men are down, and the crowd is really getting into i. Elias lifts up Rollins for Drift Away, but Rollins grabs the ropes. Elias clubs away at him and pulls him up. Elias puts him on the top rope and chops him. Rollins slides off and goes for a turnbuckle powerbomb, but his leg gives out and he drops. Elias looks for Drift Away, but Rollins counters into an inside cradle for a near fall. Elias rolls him up, but Rollins rolls through to a pin attempt, grabs the tights and gets the win!

Winner: Seth Rollins

Great match between these two, they had believable false finishes and I really thought Elias was gonna win. Glad to see Seth retain though.

It’s Money In The Bank time and the women are up first! Sasha Banks is the first lady out.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Ember Moon Vs. Alexa Bliss Vs. Natalya Vs. Becky Lynch Vs. Sasha Banks Vs. Lana Vs. Charlotte Vs. Naomi

The bell rings and a brawl breaks-out between every woman. They all clear the ring, except for Becky Lynch, who dropkicks someone everytime they try to enter the ring with a ladder. Interesting note, all but one of the women in this match, (Nattie), have come from NXT.

Lynch leaves the ring for a ladder but Moon takes Becky out with a dive off the barricade. The action is fast and frantic. Moon is the first to try setting up the ladder, but Banks stops her. They screw-up a drop toe-hold onto the ladder but then Moon hits a crossbody to Sasha onto a ladder for a horrifically necessary bump. Lana quickly runs in and takes Moon out, hitting her with the ladder and then an X-Factor onto the ladder. Lana throws the smaller ladder out of the ring and sets up a bigger ladder. She tries to tip it onto Natalya, but misses. Natalya ducks a clothesline and body slams Lana on the ladder, Lana rolls from the ring.

Natalya drops Naomi arse-first onto the ladder, runs on her back, and dropkicks her. Charlotte gets in the ring and chops away at Natalya before kicking her. Flair hits an exploder and kips up. Lynch gets in the ring and has a tug of war with Flair over a ladder. A loud “Becky” chant fires up. Naomi uses the ladder they’re tugging as a bridge to hit a diving clothesline on Natalya. Naomi then dropkicks the ladder to take down Lynch and Charlotte. Bliss pulls the ladder out of the ring, so Naomi hits her with a plancha. Naomi then hits Banks with a blockbuster from the apron to the floor.

Lynch attacks Moon and Naomi as they try to set up a ladder. They fight her off and hold the ladder up. Lynch climbs the ladder as they hold it up, but the tip her off and drop the ladder on her. They then splash the ladder to take Lynch out. Naomi blocks a kick and hits some wild kicks on Moon. Naomi hits a high kick to the head and tries for a monkey flip, but Moon lands on her feet. Naomi charges, but Moon counters with a hip toss onto the ladder leaning in the corner. Moon sets a ladder up across the bottom turnbuckle. Banks pulls Moon onto the ladder and kicks Lana. Banks puts Lana on top of Moon and hits a double knee on them. Banks sets the ladder up, but she stops when Charlotte gets in the ring. They start to climb the same side of the ladder and knock each other off pretty quickly.

Banks counters a suplex, but Flair comes back with a neckbreaker. Flair lays the ladder across the second turnbuckle corner and tries for a Razor’s Edge on the ladder, but Banks grabs the other ladder and starts climbing. Flair grabs her, but Natalya comes from behind and tries for a powerbomb. Flair gets out, and Banks is dumped off the ladder onto both of them, hitting a meteora on the way down. Bliss runs in, but Lynch stops her and climbs the ladder, punching Banks. Lana slowly sets up a large ladder next to the ladder Banks and Lynch are on. Lana climbs that ladder and punches Banks. Moon joins the climb, and Natalya soon gets in. Banks is knocked off, but she’s quickly to her feet and pulls Natalya off. Natalya powerbombs Banks onto the ladder, knocking Lynch down as well.

Flair big boots Natalya down. Lana punches away at Moon on the ladder. Flair leans a ladder in the corner and grabs Moon off the ladder for a powerbomb onto that ladder! Lana is pulled off the ladder, and Flair takes her out. Flair then grabs Bliss in powerbomb position, but Bliss counters into Code Red. Bliss fights Lana away, but Lana shoves her down. Bliss slaps her, so Lana takes her down with a big kick to the head. Lana yells it’s time to crush and applies the Accolade to Bliss! Lana releases the hold and climbs the large ladder, but Naomi springboards off the top rope and lands on the ladder to knock Lana off. Naomi gets her hands on the briefcase, but Lynch stops her. Lynch sets up the ladder under the briefcase and climbs, but Flair climbs the other side and stares at her. They fight before Bliss knocks the ladder over. Flair lands on her feet and spears Bliss.

Charlotte climbs the ladder, but Banks pulls her off and hits a backstabber. Banks climbs, but Naomi pulls her off and sends her face-first into the ladder. Lana pulls Naomi off the ladder and climbs. Natalya takes Lana out with an electric chair drop, and the crowd is booing. Moon takes Natalya out and climbs the ladder, but Flair rips her off the ladder and splashes her onto a ladder leaning in the corner. Lynch tries for a Bexploder on Flair, but she fights out. Lynch keeps trying and connects with a Bexploder. Lynch climbs the ladder and grabs the briefcase, but Bliss tilts the ladder over to send Lynch into a ladder. Bliss then climbs the ladder and unhooks the briefcase to a huge pop!

Winner and Miss Money In The Bank: Alexa Bliss

Alexa celebrates her win as the arena showers her in cheers.

We see Paige and Kurt Angle backstage. Angle is beaming and he says he’s really happy Bliss is bringing the briefcase to Raw. He also says it’s great having dual branded PPV’s because he gets to see the likes of Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, and AJ Styles, to which Paige tells him to keep his eyes off her roster. Baron Corbin walks-in and tells Kurt to get the job done twice. Paige makes fun of him for unsuccessfully cashing-in last year. Corbin storms off.

Jinder Mahal W/Sunil Singh Vs. Roman Reigns

The bell rings, and Reigns starts teeing off on Mahal. Jinder tries to punch back but Reigns quickly cuts him off. Reigns sends him into the ropes and takes him down with a back elbow. The crowd is loudly booing both men before a “CM Punk” chant picks up. Mahal reverses a whip and kicks Reigns. Mahal hits the ropes and nearly botches taking a Samoan Drop. The fans start chanting “boring” as Mahal rolls out of the ring, so Reigns follows him out and punches him. Reigns gets him back in the ring.

Mahal avoids a Drive-By Dropkick and Sunil Singh then rises from his wheelchair and shoves Reigns into the ring post. Mahal comes outside and attacks Reigns. The fans are chanting whatever they please. Mahal gets him in the ring and stomps him. Jinder applies a chin lock and the crowd chants, “this is awful.” Reigns tries to fight out, but Mahal keeps it locked-in. Reigns fights up, but Mahal hits a headlock takeover. Mahal holds the rest hold for quite some time. A beachball must be in the crowd because the entire arena is looking somewhere else and getting rowdy. Mahal sends Reigns hard into the turnbuckle and sends him into the barricade outside the ring. Mahal punches him and rolls him into the ring to drop a few elbows. Mahal picks up a two count. Another beachball is out in the crowd and the crowd are happy again.

Eventually, Reigns makes his comeback and hits a leaping clothesline. Mahal kicks him back and comes off the second rope into an uppercut from Reigns. A Mexican wave has now broken out in the crowd – maybe it’s just a celebration of Mexico’s win over Germany today. Cameras are doing their best to avoid it. Mahal comes back with a running knee for a near fall. Mahal goes for a Khallas, but Reigns gets out. Mahal gets out a Samoan Drop, and Reigns connects with a big boot for a near fall. The crowd starts chanting, “this match sucks.” Reigns sets up for a Superman Punch, but Mahal ducks it. Mahal elbows him and kicks him back. Mahal hits the Winds of Change for a near fall. Mahal is bleeding from the side of his left eye. This is a poor match and the crowd are eating them alive.

Reigns backs him into the corner attempting a Khallas and hits a Superman Punch for a near fall. Reigns sets up for a spear, but Mahal kicks him in the face and sends him shoulder-first into the ring post. Mahal punches Reigns on the apron, but Reigns fights him off. Reigns knees him in the face and drops a leg on the back of his neck. Reigns hits a Drive By Dropkick on Mahal and rolls him in the ring. Singh tries to send him into the ring post, but Reigns stops it. The referee sees Singh out of his wheelchair. Reigns punches Mahal and hits Singh with a Superman Punch, sending him flying back in the wheelchair. Reigns hits Mahal with a Superman Punch before spearing Singh at ringside. Reigns gets in the ring, and Mahal rolls him up for a near fall. Reigns immediately follows up with a clothesline duck, and the spear for the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Mercy kill. Surely this feud won’t continue. I understand both men are simply disliked by hardcore fans but it’s just an awful feud and a terrible idea; putting your two most disliked men in the same ring, assuming it will force the fans to cheer for the lesser of two evils, is just dumb.

SmackDown Live Women’s Championship match

(C) Carmella Vs. Asuka

They lock-up and Asuka pushes the Champion to the ropes where the referee breaks it. Carmella sidesteps an attack and moonwalks. Carmella avoids Asuka’s strike combo and puts herself through the ropes. Carmella talks trash and moonwalks on the apron. Carmella gets in the ring, and Asuka blocks a kick. Carmella punches her, but Asuka smiles. Asuka hits a running hip attack and digs her hips into Carmella’s face. Asuka punches her a few times before putting her on the apron and kicking her. Asuka then hits a running hip attack to knock Carmella to the floor.

Carmella runs to the timekeeper, demands her title and starts to walk off. Asuka runs and hits her with a sliding knee from the apron. Asuka looks down at the title and grabs Carmella. Carmella quickly pulls her into the ring post face-first. Carmella gets her in the ring for a two count. Carmella rubs her face on the mat before applying a double chicken wing stretch. Asuka fights it and puts her on her back for a two count. Carmella fights out of an Asuka Lock and kicks Asuka down for a two count. Carmella applies a chin lock to Asuka and talks trash in her face. Carmella applies a front face-lock, but Asuka escapes. Carmella avoids a missile dropkick and goes for a roundhouse, but Asuka blocks it and applies a kneebar. Carmella frantically grabs the bottom rope and elbows her. Carmella talks trash and shoves her. Asuka fights up and knees her in the face.

Asuka hits a running dropkick and lets out a primal scream. Asuka kicks away at her and hits a German Suplex. Asuka wipes her out with another hip attack for a two count. Asuka tries for an Asuka Lock, but Carmella grabs the ropes. Asuka charges, but Carmella pulls the ropes down to send her to the floor. Asuka gets on the apron, but Carmella snaps her off the ropes. Carmella then kicks her hands, and Asuka takes a flat back bump on the floor from the apron! Ouch!

Carmella hits a rare suicide dive and gets her in the ring for a near fall. Carmella screams when she kicks out. Carmella covers again, and screams when she kicks out. Carmella tries a third time. Kick out, scream. Asuka murders her with a strike combination and rolls her up for a near fall. Asuka hits a vicious sliding kick to the face. A person dressed in Asuka gear gets on the apron. Asuka and Carmella look confused. Carmella rolls Asuka up for a two count, then Asuka knees her in the face and looks back at the person on the apron. The person slowly takes off the maska nd it’s none other than James Ellsworth! The crowd pops and Carmella hits the Princess Kick for the win.

Winner: Carmella

The Princess of Staten Island retains over Asuka, thanks to the help of an old friend. Decent match and I’m glad Carmella retained.

It’s WWE Championship time and Shinsuke Nakamura is out first, aiming to be the last man standing.

WWE Championship
Last Man Standing Match
(C) AJ Styles Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

They lock up and Nakamura takes Styles down, but AJ gets right back up and hits a forearm to the jaw. He catches Shinsuke with a beautiful dropkick to initiate the first count – the counts always start way too early into the match and therefore kills momentum. Nakamura is back on his feet and Styles takes him over the top rope with a modified hurricanrana. Styles then leaps over the top rope with a Phenomenal Forearm all the way to the floor!

Nakamura runs AJ into the barricade, then hits a suplex onto the steel ramp to get another count going. AJ is up and they get back in the ring. Nakamura slows down the pace, catching AJ with some slow kicks as he tries to get up. He hits a hard kick to the chest to knock AJ down for another count. AJ gets back up at five, albeit assited with the ropes. Styles takes a spinning kick to the head to knock him down again. Nakamura performs Good Vibrations in the corner. When AJ gets to his feet, Nakamura puts him on the top turnbuckle for a running knee to the body. Styles tumbles down to the floor and the ref starts his count again. Nakamura slams AJ’s head into the steel steps and then he throws him over the barricade.

They take the fight into the crowd where Styles begins to get some momentum with forearms. They fight around to the opposite side and AJ throws Nakamura back to ringside. AJ tries to leap off the barricade but Shinsuke kicks his foot out from under him and AJ lands hard to the floor. AJ gets up at seven and Nakamura slams him into the steel steps again. Styles flips out of an exploder and hits a Pele kick. He hits a combo of strikes and a facebuster. AJ looks for the Styles Clash but Nakamura swings for the low blow, which AJ avoids, and they botch a Pele kick. Nakamura hits the reverse exploder, and looks for the Kinshasha but AJ is able to counter with a flying forearm!

Styles hits a fireman’s neckbreaker on Nakamura and the referee counts again. Shinsuke is up by eight. AJ takes to the apron and leaps for a Phenomenal Forearm but Nakamura dodges. Nakamura dumps AJ onto the barricade gut-first, then clears off an announce table and suplexes AJ onto it. He clears off the other two tables and runs across all three tables to hit Kinshasha! The ref starts counting AJ again. Styles barely beats the count and Nakamura starts sytematically attacking him with knees to the body. Nakamura grabs and sets up a table in the ring and AJ ends up hitting the leg with his face by mistake. Nakamura takes Styles to the top rope and looks for a superplex through the wood but Styles drops down between his legs Styles aims for a powerbomb but Nakamura kicks him off and styles knocks the table over. Shinsuke picks him up and drops him gut-first onto the edge of the table.

Nakamura leans it in the corner and runs AJ right through it. The Champion manages to beat the 10 count by and Shinsuke can’t believe it. AJ avoid’s being sent into an exposed turnbuckle, but Nakamura ends up running into it with his knee as AJ moves. Styles focuses on working on the injured knee. Styles applies the Calf Crusher and only lets go once he is satisfied with the amount of pain he has inflicted. Shin rolls out of the ring while Styles grabs a chair from the timekeeper. He smacks Nakamura in the knee with it. Then he takes a couple more shots before letting the ref starts his count. Nakamura hits a low blow to counter another chair shot. AJ beats the count again, so Shin lays him out with a Kinshasa using his bad leg. The ref starts to count both men down. Nakamura is back up by five and Styles is up by nine. The Rock Star brings AJ onto one of the announce tables. Styles shoves him off into the steps and hits a flying forearm from the table. He grabs Nakamura for a Styles Clash from the stairs to the floor. Somehow, Shinsuke beats the count.

Nakamura leans on the announce table and Styles is leaning on the ring, staring at each other. Nakamura smiles and shouts “come one!” Styles responds by kicking him square in the crotch! Nakamura collapses, holding himself. Styles climbs back into the ring and leaps off of the ropes with a Phenomenal Forearm to Nakamura, through the announce table! The referee starts counting and AJ makes it to his feet at 7 but Nakamura doesn’t make it at all!

Winner: AJ Styles

What a match! Styles retains over Nakamura and, presumably, moves on to a new feud. I wonder what the future holds for both men.

WWE shows a Tale of The Tape for this one, which says Nia has wrestled 52 times on Raw, to Rousey’s 0. Nia has competed 11 times on PPV to Rousey’s 1. Pretty damning but I think they’re playing up the insurmountable odds.

I’ll be curious to hear the fan reactions here. Nia Jax, the Champion, is out first. Rousey is out next to a pretty good pop. We get ring introductions for both women and

WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match
(C) Nia Jax Vs. Ronda Rousey

The bell rings and Nia scoops Ronda up, rams her into the corner, and unleashes shoulder after shoulder. Nia hits Ronda with a biel, then a splash in the corner and another biel. Ronda dodges another splash and punches Nia in the corner but it doesn’t have much affect and Nia headbutts her.

Nia splashes Ronda again in the corner, then picks her up for a Samoan drop but Ronda grabs the arm and rolls her to the ground. Ronda looks for the armbar but Nia holds her hands together. Nia stands to her feet and tries to squash Ronda, then picks her up and hits a sit-out powerbomb to break the hold. Ronda struggled to her feet, then fell through the ropes to the floor below.

Nia goes outside and stalks Ronda. Nia picks her up for another powerbomb. Ronda looks to reverse it into a hurricanrana but Nia stays standing and flings Ronda into the barricade. Back inside the ring, Ronda kicks out of a pin attempt. Jax grabs Ronda but eats two stiff shots to the gut. Ronda grabs her by the hair, lifts her up and hits a military press slam for a near-fall. Ronda needs knee pads.

Ronda runs and leaps onto Nia with a headlock choke but Nia slams her to the mat. Then grabs her by the head and slams her a few more times. Nia screams at Ronda and throws her away. Jax applies a bear hug to Ronda, who tries to break the grip. Eventually Ronda fights out and lands two big elbows to Nia, who responds with a Samoan drop for a near-fall.

Ronda kicks Nia from the mat but Jax headbutts her again. Jax looks for a leg drop but Ronda rolls out of the way. Ronda takes to the corner and dodges a running tackle from Nia. Ronda grabs Nia’s arm and applies an armbar hanging over the ropes. She breaks the hold at four and falls to the floor. Ronda climbs back up to the apron, then to the top rope. Ronda waits for Nia to turn around and she leaps onto her with a crossbody for a two count. Ronda sits in the corner for a minute before psyching up and unleashing a series of punches to Jax, then an awesome leaping knee to the face that stuns Nia.

Ronda grabs Nia and hits her with a Judo throw for a two count! Ronda grabs Nia’s arm and tries to lock in the armbar but Nia rolls her up for a pin attempt, so Ronda breaks it. They get back to their feet and Ronda hits a modified Rock Bottom, then goes back to the armbar and Nia has her fingers clasped. Ronda uses her shoulder to force Nia’s fingers to unclench, but before she can lock in the armbar fully, Alexa Bliss attacks her from behind with the briefcase!

Winner Via Disqualification: Ronda Rousey

Alexa hits Nia with the briefcase, then hits Ronda with it again, and Rousey rolls from the ring. Bliss thinks about cashing-in, then goes outside and attacks Ronda with it again and throws her over the announce table. Alexa runs back inside and hits Nia with the briefcase twice more in the arm before handing it to the referee to cash-in!

WWE Raw Women’s championship match

(C) Nia Jax Vs. Alexa Bliss

Alexa kicks Nia’s knee out from under her, then hits a DDT. Alexa grabs Nia’s hurt arm and slams it on the mat. Alexa walks over NIa, climbs the top rope and hits Twisted Bliss for the win!

Winner and New Women’s Champion: Alexa Bliss

Wow!! Alexa Bliss is your mew Women’s Champion and she sure made some enemies tonight. Alexa takes her title and leaves, while Nia clambers to her feet and holds her arm. Ronda is still down by the announce tables. Title change aside, that was a good match and further proof that Ronda is great. Awesome stuff all around.

It’s Money In The Bank time! The ladies set the bar and now it’s up to the gents to try and beat it. Samoa Joe is out first and Chicago are fans. Aiden English comes out wearing a jacket made of the Chicago flag and the fans love it. Graves calls him “Chicago’s favourite son”, a moniker CM Punk went by – Graves also threw shade at Punk over Twitter during his UFC fight last Saturday.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Kevin Owens Vs. Braun Strowman, Vs. The Miz Vs. Finn Balor Vs. Samoa Joe Vs. Bobby Roode Vs. Rusev Vs. Kofi Kingston

The bell rings and everyone goes after Strowman at once, rushing him in the corner. The Monster Among Men fights his way out of the corner and knocks Miz and Roode across the ring. He leaves the ring and grabs a ladder and brings it into the ring. Several Superstars attack Braun with ladders, sending him up the ramp. They bury him on the stage under all the nearby ladders. Miz sneaks a ladder into the ring and starts climbing while all of this is happening. Samoa Joe catches him in time and knocks the ladder over.

Kofi knocks Miz down, then lays a ladder on top of him and hits the Boom Drop. KO superkicks Kingston and starts climbing the ladder. Balor meets him on top and they knock each other down. They end up outside the ring and Owens puts Balor on the announce table. He grabs a huge ladder ans starts climbing. Ownes abandons his plans when Rusev tries to climb the ladder inside the ring. The Bulgarian Brute grabs Owens and hits a fallaway slam onto a ladder. Joe clocks Rusev with a kick in the corner before Kofi takes out Joe with a springboard chop.

Kofi climbs to the top rope and hits a dive on everyone at ringside but they end up catching him. Balor then hits his own dive and floors everyone. Balor tries to grab a ladder from the stage, but Braun holds onto it and the monster is reborn. Braun rams the ladder into Finn’s gut, then runs Kingston over on his way to the ring, but then Joe nails him with a suicide dive. KO hits a superkick and Rusev takes him down with the Machka Kick. They drag Braun back up the ramp and beat on him. Joe tries to choke him out and Owens his a superkick, then they get Braun on a table and Owens climbs up the biggest ladder on the stage. Strowman fights everyone off and sees KO on top of the ladder. He climbs up with him, catches him halfway, and drags him to the top. He tosses Owens off the ladder through a few tables near fifteen feet below!

After a minute of breathing, Braun makes his way back to the stage and towards the ring. Braun runs through a ladder Roode and Balor are holding and breaks it in half. In a great moment, the camera pans to The Miz standing by a ladder lone in the ring and he can’t believe what he just saw Braun do. Miz flees. Braun is out of the ring again and Balor knocks him flying into the timekeeper’s area with a running dropkick. Joe takes out Finn before Rusev sends him over the top rope. Kofi gets turned inside out with a Machka Kick as the Bulgarian gains momentum. Rusev manages to get Miz, Kofi and Roode into the Accolade at the same time before Joe puts him in the Coquina Clutch. The crowd loved that moment. Rusev clears the ring and starts climbing. Miz pulls the ladder down and Rusev crashes to the mat. The A-Lister begins his climb and gets his hands on the case. Kofi climbs up and tries to take him out. They fight over the case until Roode tips over the ladder.

Miz rolls from the ring and Roode is down and out. Balor climbs up the huge ladder on the outside, the one Owens wanted to use on him, and hits Roode with the Coup de Grace! Strowman prevents Finn from climbing the ladder. The Monster Among Men starts beating on everyone and starts to climb the ladder. Kofi gets on Braun’s shoulders as he climbs, and Balor joins on the other side of the ladder. Braun knocks Kofi, then Finn down to the mat before grabbing the briefcase!

Winner: Braun Strowman

“Monster In The Bank” shouted Michael Cole as Strowman grabbed the briefcase. This is an interesting way to go with the briefcase. We see replays of the match as Strowman celebrates. Lesnar now has a pretty damn big shadow looming over him.

That’s it for Money In The Bank 2018! Let us know what you thought of the show and the winners. See you here tomorrow night for Monday Night Raw! Until then, safe travels.

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