Brock Lesnar is the WWE Universal Champion and he doesn’t seem to want to drop his title anytime soon. It looks like with so many questions around when his next match will be it doesn’t even appear he has another one scheduled.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported Vince McMahon hasn’t secured Lesnar for a SummerSlam encounter just yet either. Bryan Alvarez was asked during Wrestling Observer Live if Brock Lesnar could simply take his WWE Universal Title to UFC and he had a pretty interesting response.

“I don’t expect him to leave however Brock Lesnar isn’t scheduled for Money In The Bank, he’s not scheduled for Extreme Rules, and apparently as of right now he’s not even scheduled for SummerSlam. Although the working idea is it would be everybody’s favorite match: Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns at SummerSlam one more time.”

“So we’ll see what they end up doing. I mean Lesnar could easily show up at a UFC event. He has 16 days left to re-enter into the USADA pool in order to fight before the end of the year.”

It was noted how Lesnar might not be able to fight Jon Jones in the UFC because Jones could be suspended for years. But Brock Lesnar could always show up in UFC and challenge someone to a fight sooner than later even if he has the Universal Title.

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