Ronda Rousey’s time in WWE has been interesting so far but it might get even more complicated if they put the Raw Women’s Title on her at Money In The Bank. She is set to face Nia Jax on Sunday and fans are very interested to see which way they will book this situation.

WWE has quite a few options on how they will book this match especially if the winner of the MITB match comes down to insert herself into the situation. But in the end, we won’t know what will happen until it actually does.

Bryan Alvarez discussed WWE’s booking strategy for this match on Wrestling Observer Live where he revealed that WWE has actually been changing their minds as well.

“I mean they flat out said on the show that Nattie was going to win and her buddy was going to win the other title. Seems too obvious to me but you never know. They might not even know right now.”

“I do know they changed the length of the match like the time of the Nia/Ronda match at least twice and maybe more. Before it was going to be very quick now it’s not going to be so quick. Let’s see if that changes again.”

Ronda Rousey has a lot of potential but WWE needs to be careful as they continue to push her. But if she only has a few more months left with WWE they might need to pull the trigger. Only time will tell though because apparently, WWE doesn’t even know what will happen yet.


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