Buddy Murphy did a great job making weight and he had a fantastic match against Cedric Alexander for the Cruiserweight Title to cap off 205 Live this week.

Dave Meltzer commented on Wrestling Observer Radio why the Cruiserweights don’t fit into Money In The Bank at this point because they had such a great title match on 205 Live instead.

“They don’t need a Cruiserweight match on this pay-per-view anyway. I guess maybe that is the reason why they put it on 205 Live instead of on the pay-per-view because the pay-per-view is all full. I mean they could put it on the pregame show but it’s probably better to put it on 205 Live than a pregame show of the pay-per-view, maybe not but that’s what they did.”

“They also wanted Cedric to have the hometown thing which he did being from North Carolina and they were in Raleigh.”

It sounds like WWE had a couple reasons to have the Cruiserweights sit this one out.

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H Jenkins

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