Kenny Omega and Xavier Woods are real-life friends but bitter rivals when it comes to video games. The two have battled each other on multiple occasions on multiple consoles.

However, it seems like they are building their rivalry on Twitter as of late. This all began when a fan proposed a video game match between the members of the New Day versus Omega.

Omega replied to this message saying he would “wash” them in Street Fighter without losing a health bar and with his hands tied back.


Xavier Woods came in and accepted Kenny’s challenge and asked him to name a place and a time.

Another fan came in and proposed that they should all be thrown into a house together for this matchup. To this, Woods replied by saying that being forced to live in the same house as Omega is a horrible situation and he wouldn’t wish that upon his worst enemy.

He also said that Omega probably drinks from cartons and makes noise while eating.

To this, Omega replied with a savage comeback and said that it is better to drink from the carton than from the toilet.

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