Nikki Bella Explains Why She Broke Off Her Wedding to John Cena


While appearing on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Nikki Bella was asked about John Cena going on The Today Show and publicly announcing that he wants her back. Nikki put over Cena for being a great guy but also explained that she broke off the wedding because she didn’t want any hesitation or regret.

“John is such an amazing man and I absolutely love him, and we’re best friends. I think and I think a lot of people go through this, when you go through wedding planning, you just start to go through a lot of issues that you’re hiding deep down inside. I realized that I really needed to work on me, because a better me is a better us. The day I say those vows, I don’t want to have hesitation, I don’t want to have regret. I truly want to be with that person ’till death do us part.”

You can listen to her remarks embedded in the video below.

(Please H/T Ringside News when using the above quote)

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