Carmella Avoiding Questions About John Cena


There were reports saying that John Cena is allegedly playing the field already could be dating a member of the Total Divas’ cast. There were some speculation and rumors that Carmella could have been the object of Cena’s affection now and we presented some evidence to support the idea. Since then the internet exploded and some people have said the report is “100% BS.” But we’re still waiting on some kind of actual response from their side on the matter.

Carmella has shot down rumors in the past when something wasn’t true and she seems to be pretty tightlipped on this topic. Although her Twitter timeline has to be full of mentions about the John Cena rumor, the SmackDown Women’s Champion hasn’t commented at all even though she did go on a little spree this morning where she replied to some fan comments and a couple of them were trolls. But Carmella kept everything as kayfabe as possible without answering any questions regarding the Cena rumors.

Sometimes silence isn’t the best option when a rumor needs to be squashed and at this point, with no mention of this from either Cena or Carmella it might not bode well if they’re trying to refute anything.


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