The Miz On His WWE Career: “I Am On Top Of My Game”


The A-lister may have come up just short in a barnburner of a match against Seth Rollins, but that isn’t halting his confidence or the plans he has for his future. Post BackLash, The Miz went on WWE’s recently returned Talking Smack with Renne Young, where he revealed that he will be competing in a Money in the Bank Qualifier this coming Tuesday. He also calls himself the ultimate strategist, and that the path to him becoming a world champion again is his for the taking. Miz would conclude by praising his star power.

Honestly, right now…I have never been more hot. I have never been…I am on top of my game. People will look at this match and go ‘Oh well you lost.’ It doesn’t matter what happens. It matters if you get people talking. If you move the needle, and that’s what I do. I move the needle for this show. I move the needle for Raw when I was on it, and I move the needle for SmackDown.

Whenever I touch a mic, whenever I step in a WWE ring, I make it must see. I make it the most relevant show in all of T.V.

H/T and transcribed at RingSide News

Watch the full clip below.

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