Who Hulk Hogan Thinks Is The Best Pro Wrestler In The World Right Now


A lot of fans consider Hulk Hogan as one of the best pro wrestlers of all time. Although his in-ring skills might not compare to others, it’s hard to deny his influence was unparalleled for a time.

Hogan recently spoke to SI where he opened up about who he had his eye on in the current pro wrestling landscape and it turns out he really enjoys the Face That Built SmackDown Live.

“AJ has turned out to be one heck of a performer, one of the best in the world. Beyond that, he’s just such a good person. What AJ does in the ring is phenomenal, and that’s why we call him the ‘Phenomenal One’, but when he’s outside the ring, he’s even more phenomenal.”

“It’s so cool to see how he takes care of his family and loves his kids. If people saw him outside of when he wrestles, they’d have even more admiration for him.”

Do you agree with Hulk Hogan?

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