Bobby Lashley Has His Eye On Raw Championship

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The Greatest Royal Rumble saw no title changes except for The Deleter Of Worlds claiming the vacant Raw Tag Team Titles.

But it looks like they might have some stiff competition for those new titles already. Bobby Lashley & Braun Strowman defeated Sami Zayn and Kevins Owens last week on Raw and it looks like Lashley might want to keep that team together.

After Hardy sent out a gif of his latest title win while saying he and Wyatt have procured the Raw Tag Team Titles, Lashley responded. He simply mentioned Braun Strowman and included a thinking emoji and then he congratulated the Deleter Of Worlds. But that emoji makes us wonder what Bobby is really thinking.

Who do you think the first challengers for Hardy & Wyatt’s titles should be?


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