Roman Reigns Reveals Who He Wants To Face At Mania’ 35

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After headlining Mania for his fourth year in a row, Roman Reigns is already looking ahead to MetLife Stadium next year. He recently sat down with the WWE’s Spanish Team in an interview to hype the company’s May tours of Spain, and was asked who he sees standing across the ring from him at the show of shows next April. A complicated question, which deserves a complicated answer. Roman didn’t have just one option either.

It’s difficult. The last few years have been a roller coaster of sensations, a great opportunity, but I think I’d like to face Daniel Bryan again. I do not see much of the talents of SmackDown, but I know that he has a medical discharge and that if his health respects him it could be a great fight for next year at WrestleMania. Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns But if it can not be, then I’d like to face the rest of The Shield, Seth and Dean again, I think it would be great too.

The last time Daniel Bryan and the Big Dog faced off it was at the Fastlane preceding Mania 31 in Santa Clara. It was a hell of a fight, but Roman came out on top fair and square. A rematch never really took place due to Bryan’s health issues so the idea of them facing one another again has a lot of potential.

The one and only Shield triple-threat occurred at Battleground 2016, where the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose defeated Roman and the Seth Rollins in convincing fashion. All three man have grown exponentially as superstars since their fateful breakup that lone Monday night, and have battled in singles action numerous times since then. Another round between the Hounds of Justice could certainly be a main event closer for Jersey.

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