Dwayne Johnson was asked to go to the prom by a Minnesota high school student but he, unfortunately, had to decline because he’s in production for another project. But he still sent out a special message to his female fan including a gift that will probably make her very popular.

The Great One’s voice came through the speakers of the school’s intercom where he had to decline her invitation tot he prom. But judging by the reaction on her face, The Rock’s reply was more than enough to make her happy.

The Rock also bought out her local movie theater for a screening so she could take a bunch of people to see Rampage as a consolation for him not being able to take her to prom.

It’s really cool that The Rock bought out a theater so she could invite 232 people to see Rampage. Either way, that’s a lot of movie tickets sold for his newest film.


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H Jenkins

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