WWE Performance Center Stalker Receives Summons From WWE


Armando Montalvo was shot by police outside of the WWE Performance Center in 2015. Workers at the PC reported that he was stalking the grounds armed with a knife and he was shot while charging at a deputy.

There were also reports that before this ordeal he had been making an unnamed female talent very uncomfortable. “He’s been somewhat fixed on one of the wrestlers, one of the female wrestlers,” Sheriff Jerry Demings told CBS News at the time.

Montalvo popped up once again outside of Full Sail University recently during an NXT taping where he fled the scene before the police could be called. But he was shouting obscenities and talking about Vince McMahon in a conspiracy-laden fashion that caused quite a stir.

It looks like WWE is taking legal action on Montalvo once again and he proudly displayed a summons from WWE to appear in court on his Instagram. He also took the opportunity to cut another deranged promo on Vince McMahon in the process.

But it looks like McMahon is suing Armando Montalvo again but he doesn’t seem to be shaken up too much about it.

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