WrestleMania 34 Results – April 8th, 2018


It’s time for WrestleMania 34. The build-up for this show could have been better but when we’re complaining about a show that features AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura and probably The Undertaker vs John Cena then we know that we’ve got some serious 1st World Problems.

The Mercedes Benz Superdome was packed and everyone was ready to see what WWE rolls out for their biggest show of the year. It’s a destination event for many people and entire years are planned around this show. So WWE doesn’t want to disappoint.

After all, fans spent a lot of money on travel, lodging, and tickets to Mania, TakeOver, and the cash grab that is Axxess. Now it all comes to this huge seven-hour long epic event. Can’t you just feel the electricity of the WWE machine?

Not only that, but the world will be watching as NOLA. Ronda Rousey’s WWE in-ring debut is set for Mania as well and everyone is ready to see what she will be able to do. More importantly, we’re ready to see what shade of green she is in the ring.

But it will all likely end with Roman Reigns leaving with the WWE Universal Championship held high, so at least we have that to look forward to. But we’ll never know until it happens, so let’s get straight to NOLA for this extremely long Showcase Of The Immortals.

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