Could, Would, Should: A Rusev Face Turn

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I’m going to be trying something new this time. Could, would, should. Three words that rhyme. They’re also three words that ask a question, and I’m asking some questions right now. I’ve got questions about Rusev turning face.

The Bulgarian Brute is challenging for the United States Championship, and he’s riding a massive wave of fan support. He was easily one of the most over men at the Royal Rumble. While it may have seemed unfeasible back when he initially debuted, we are closer than ever to a face Rusev.

Could Rusev Turn Face?

Could the Lion of Bulgaria do it? Yes, he could. He’s shown that he possesses a great sense of charisma, and he’s displayed it in his promos. He’s witty and has great comedic timing. He and Aiden English got the whole concept of “Rusev Day” over.

It wouldn’t even be that difficult. He could essentially remain the same person that he is now. He’d just need to target his aggression towards evil-doers and ne’er-do-wells.

There are so many things that we can cheer Rusev for. His infectious enthusiasm (like when he beat Randy Orton in nine seconds and made sure to let the whole world know), his sense of humor, and his love for his home nation. Perhaps he could even learn to love America.

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