Nia Jax Takes Aim at YouTuber for Fat Shaming Her


Nia Jax took to Twitter again to complain about people fat shaming her – this time taking aim at YouTube wrestling personality Grim of Grim’s Toy Show after this footage surfaced online:

Nia Jax responded to the footage with the following remarks, which got a response from the Grim of Grim’s twitter account:

This isn’t the first time Nix Jax has taken to social media to complain about the fat shaming. Back in November of last year she posted the following on social media:

“In this line of work and with the world of social media, I am subjected to body shaming & it’s something I have accepted. It sucks when you get it in your own backyard around people you’re changing in front of and trust with your body. I am a HEALTHY bigger woman, I LOVE MY BODY. Body shaming is WRONG! I hope every person struggling with their body WHATEVER shape or size you are, do not allow someone to shame their perfectly beautiful body! #SpreadLove”

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