Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Royal Rumble Analysis, WWE Not Booking for Mainstream Audiences, Stephanie McMahon the Egomaniac, More!


Russo is joined on today’s show by former WCW & WWE Superstar, Big Vito.

Russo opens the show by pointing out that four hours of wrestling in the same day is simply too much for him. He finds it difficult to sit through four hours of anything, and professional wrestling certainly isn’t on his list of favourite things to watch right now.

Vito thought the Bobby Roode/Mojo Rawley match was a terrible way to start the show. He says that Roode isn’t over, and the fans didn’t care about this match. He thought that Roode should have had a good, veteran opponent in this match to ensure that his first Title defence went off properly. Mojo Rawly certainly wasn’t that guy.

Russo talks about the WWE Title match that opened the main PPV. He says the announce team consistently oversold the injury to Kevin Owens’ ankle during this bout when Owens barely sold the injury himself. Vito thinks this is a running theme in WWE, and he says he’s seen this type of problem plenty of times before. Everyone needs to be on the same page, and the announce team was definitely on a different page than the performers in this match.

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