Lillian Garcia’s Chasing Glory Recap w/ Trish Stratus – RAW 25 Appearance, Preparing for Rumble Return, Favourite Women on Current Roster, More!

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Garcia welcomes Trish Stratus to the show.

Stratus opens the show by talking about her illustrious WWE career. She says that her main goal during the early 2000s was to lay the groundwork which would lead to women being looked at differently in terms of what they can accomplish in the ring. She can remember saying multiple times back then, “I just want to do what the men do”.

Stratus informs that she got a call from WWE on December 26th, inviting her to take part in the inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble match. She couldn’t believe it when she got the call, and while she was honoured to be asked, she was also hesitant to accept the invitation because she hadn’t wrestled in years.

She decided to set up a ring in her friend’s gym, so she could get back in the ring and test herself. After getting in there and working out for a while, she realized wrestling was like riding a bike. She was able to execute all the old moves that fans love, and she felt very comfortable. She then confidently called WWE back and accepted the invitation.

Stratus notes that she had to make sure that she could still perform in the ring, because she didn’t want to return and be a shell of her former self. She wanted to be able to perform like she did 15 years ago, so she had make sure she still had that ability by getting back in the ring before accepting WWE’s invitation.

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